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The Porsche of New Orleans Team

Our Porsche Team

Passion, Pride and Performance!

Let us introduce you to our team of Porsche Ambassadors and Certified Porsche Technicians.

Raymond Brandt

Raymond Brandt | Dealer Principal

Please visit the link below for our full story. We welcome you to Porsche of New Orleans!

Ryan DeToro

Ryan DeToro | General Manager / Porsche Brand Ambassador

Ryan started with the Porsche brand in 2002 as a Porsche/Saab/Subaru Technnician and as a graduate of the Wyoming Technical Institute.  After several years in working in shop, he moved up front as a Service Consultant and Warranty Clerk, also helping with the Parts department.  Originally from Northeast Ohio, Ryan found himself in New Orleans directly after Hurricane Katrina in late 2005.  Ryan is one of our original employees that founded the dealership in 2010 with the Ray Brandt Automotive Group. His continued achievements in the service and parts departments lead him into a successful run as Service Manager/Director, and ultimately our General Manager. Ryan and his wife have two beautiful children and he enjoys a round of golf from time to time.

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Jennifer  Taylor

Jennifer Taylor | General Sales Manager / Porsche Brand Ambassador

Jennifer joined our team in early 2016 and although she is relatively new to Porsche she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her time as a commercial pilot has prepared her for the technical and performance aspects of our brand and her experience with other luxury models will go a long way in providing you with the level of customer service Porsche owners not only expect but deserve.

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Sean Kerwin

Sean Kerwin | Top 100 Worldwide Sales Ambassador / Porsche Brand Ambassador

Sean recently earned a spot amongst the Top 100 Porsche Sales Ambassadors World Wide.  We congratulate him on this prestigous award! His background ranges from experience in fine dining to autocross racing. His stint as a service writer has given him the opportunity to learn not only the vehicles but also our customers. He is our resident technical genius and loves to show off the amazing new features Porsche has to offer.

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Nate Kolniak

Nate Kolniak | Porsche Sales Ambassador

Nate joined the Porsche team in late 2017.  His experience growing up in his family restaurant business and his time as a cruise ship hotel manager, taught him an appreciation for hard work and great service.  With 20 years in the automotive industry, his vast knowledge and experience with luxury brands will provide you with comparative assessments that are hard to beat.  He looks forward to making his life experiences convert your dream purchase into a reality.

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Jonathan Segal

Jonathan Segal | Porsche Sales Ambassador

Jonathan joined the Porsche team in the summer of 2017 after graduating from the A.B. Freeman School of Business at Tulane University with a B.S. in Business Management. His prior experience as a Financial Analyst at a large commercial real estate company and as a Salesman at a high-end bicycle shop has prepared Jonathan for the luxury experience Porsche offers. Jonathan has a true passion for sports cars and spends his free time racing go-karts and exploring the city.

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Jody  Parks

Jody Parks | Service Manager / Porsche Brand Ambassador

Jody started working in the customer service industry at the early age of 14 in the family hardware business. Once he truly understood the “nuts and bolts” of what customers expect from a service/sales consultant, he took his skills to a higher level as a Service Advisor for Mercedes-Benz. In 2005, Jody was promoted to Service Manager of the Porsche and Audi dealership on Veterans Blvd. His career then took him back to Mercedes-Benz in late 2007 to eventually run the Mercedes Service department. With 20 years in the automotive business, Jody is now back in his dream job as the Service Manager of the Porsche Brand. Jody and his Wife have four beautiful children. On the rare occasions that time allows, Jody enjoys golf, hunting and fishing.

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Chad Ghersanich

Chad Ghersanich | Service Advisor / Porsche Brand Ambassador

Chad has been in our Porsche family pioneering the growth and development of our service department since 2010.  His knowledge is unsurpassed and he is always eager to take on any challenges, eccentricities and routine maintenance you may have or need.  He has owned multiple Porsches and enjoys riding motorcycles as well as long romantic walks on the beach in his spare time! 

Phone: 504.832.2112 Ext. 238 • Email:

Antonio Rosado

Antonio Rosado | Service Advisor / Porsche Brand Ambassador

Antonio is one of our newest team members and has been in the automotive industry for more than a decade. A long tenure with the Toyota brand gave him the core values of a great advisor. Recently working with Audi for the past several years, fine tuning his trade and making a great impression to his clients.  He is looking to make the same memorable impression here at Porsche of New Orleans with our top rated service department. Married with two lovely kids, he loves go karting with the family and makes time to coach his daughters softball team and enjoys attending their dance practices and recitals.

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Chris Nguyen

Chris Nguyen | Service & Warranty Ambassador / Porsche Brand Ambassador

After 10 years in the hotel, restaurant, & tourism industry, Chris decided leave
the hospitality industry behind and try his hand in the automotive world. Chris
spent 2 ½ years at Lexus as the Technology / Product specialist before joining
Porsche of New Orleans. Other than his admiration for Porsches, he enjoys MMA
and practicing yoga on his spare time.

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Earl Kast

Earl Kast | Parts Manager / Porsche Brand Ambassador

Earl has been with Porsche for more than 20 years servicing our great customers in the Parts Department.  He is part of our original team and is the glue in our shop.  His knowledge and recollection for parts and part numbers is uncanny. If you have a tough parts question, Earl has the answer.  

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Greer Guidry

Greer Guidry | Concierge / Porsche Brand Ambassador

The first face you see upon entering the store, Greer brings her love of
life and joyous demeanor to Porsche of New Orleans every day. Being the daughter of a technician and lone lady in a house of men, she can hold her own when it comes to talking cars!

Phone: 504.832.2112 • Email:

Philip Yatsko

Philip Yatsko | Shop Foreman / Porsche Gold Certified Technician

Philip has been working on Porsches for over 16 years and is our Shop Foreman and a Porsche Gold Certified Master Technician. His enthusiasm for, and knowledge of the Porsche brand is hard to beat. Philip was our very first employee and an integral part to setting up our facility with Porsche specialized tools. He enjoys competetive motorcycle racing and dirt bikes in his spare time.