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Porsche of New Orleans

Why Buy Porsche Tires?

As a Porsche owner, you know that only genuine Porsche parts are suitable for your luxury vehicle. Whether you need tires for your Posche Panamera, Porsche Cayenne, or 911 model, Porsche of New Orleans is your destination for all your tire needs.

Safety in Quality Porsche Tires

Don’t jeopardize the safety of you and your passengers by replacing the tires on your Porsche model with lower level ones. Wheel failure due to unknown quality parts going at highway speeds could result in disaster; not only for your vehicle, but possibly for you too. Ensure security and safety for all by only replacing your model’s tires with genuine Porsche parts.

Porsche Tires Specification Details

Correct diameter, width, and clearance are all vital dimensional characteristics specifically tailored to your Porsche. A wheel must be of the correct weight, offset, hub center dimensions, and material in order to function properly. Without these specifications met, your Porsche will not drive as it normally would and instead compromises the quality and safety of your vehicle. Only a Porsche wheel and tire set meets Porsche specifications.

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Genuine Value for a Genuine Vehicle

Keep the resale value in your Porsche model by only using genuine Porsche products throughout. There’s no need to compromise, let our experts assist you in ordering servicing when replacing your wheel and tire set in your Cayenne, Boxster, or any of our other new and pre-owned Porsche models.

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